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From the very beginning, Integrity Auto Specialists has been about much more than just making money. After more than a decade as a pastor, Integrity Founder, Bob Hughes was convinced that if he was to return to the business world, it had to be built around a mission for something much more dynamic than just business as usual.

Could there be a better way of doing business, where employees were genuinely cared for, and supported by their employer? Why not a work environment where employees worked wholeheartedly for the good of the organization, and not just the classic work scenario where people only contend for their own self interest? Couldn’t there be a better way of doing business, where customers were served with skill and sincerity, rather than the worker seeing their task as simply a means to making a living for themselves?

Maybe there was a way to integrate all of that Bible teaching from Sunday morning and really apply it to our work life; to take all of that profound truth and inspiration, and actually think through the implications of doing it in the cold reality of the workplace; to begin with a higher motivation; to work for the glory of God, rather than always beginning with ourselves; to work for the good of our co-workers, and from that place of unified purpose, to offer something exceptionally different to the customers we serve.

Put in the form of a mission statement, Integrity exists "To Model the Kingdom of God in the Marketplace." Some understandably may find this mission statement a bit strange. But for those who have already authentically embraced these values in their personal life, this mission statement strikes a chord in their hearts. For those exceptional men and women who have played foundational roles over the past 18 years in making Integrity what it is today, this mission is no insignificant part of what Integrity is all about. It’s the life blood of who we are, and why we do what we do.

Though Integrity doesn’t hire based on a specific religious litmus test, we believe that there are many who sincerely desire a work environment where they don’t have to leave their faith at the door. But, rooted in their devotion to God and a desire to grow in personal character, they long for an environment of like-minded people, where their unique gifts can be developed and employed in a business culture given to technical excellence and sincere service to others.

Maybe our story has stirred your heart with a fresh interest in what your work life might be. If you have a strong mix of excellent communication skills, capable “hands on” abilities, and a work ethic to get a job done well in a time sensitive environment, please take the time to fill out the online application. This information will help us to learn more about you and is the first step in determining if you have what it takes to be successful with Integrity.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit of our history and corporate values. We’re sincerely grateful for your interest in Integrity Auto Specialists.

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